Latest developments in imaging, advanced computer vision, big data and deep learning for intelligent vehicles.

Nearly all automotive companies have entered the race towards highly automated and autonomous cars. Yet many challenges are still in the way of having a vehicle that can recognize objects, localize itself precisely and make intelligent decisions. In this technical event we focus on the areas of advanced computer vision, big data processing, sensor fusion and machine and in particular deep learning that bring us close to this goal.

With four keynote presentations from top leaders in this field, four interactive panel discussions, a round table session and many other presentations and workshops, this conference will give you insight into the latest development and available solutions for building a safe intelligent vehicle.

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Featured Topics:


Computer Vision: sensor fusion, deep learning, SLAM


Perception systems: product development, architectures, platforms


Connectivity: crowdsourcing data from mobility infrastructure


Safety and Testing: safety of deep neural networks, validation of automated driving functions and computer vision algorithms


Big Data: for test and validation, processing, network capabilities



Automotive IQ will promote networking in an exciting environment and provide you with a platform to demonstrate your expertise and share your experience with industry peers


You will meet like-minded professionals that share the same passion for innovation in business and for making the automotive world a safer place


You will take part in lectures and discussions about case studies with real world examples from the top market players that you can take with you to share directly with your colleagues and implement them within your organization

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